Furore Festival

21. - 24.7.16 International Festival for Young Theater
By students of the Academy of Performing Arts Baden-Wuerttemberg (ADK) in cooperation with Schauspiel Stuttgart and the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg

About Us

In times of European conflicts and crises students of the Academy of Performing Arts Baden-Wuerttemberg (ADK) launched the festival in order to strengthen solidarity and communication of the aspiring generation. It seems more and more difficult to find a common language on the political level.
In our artistic work we are daily looking for a language to convey our concerns and subjects. With this language we want to communicate across (country) borders and discuss a common future. In our selection we have paid special attention to diverse expressions and topics. We are convinced that such a diverse meeting will generate a liveable border-crossing.
In 2016 it is the first time a festival for young theater will be held in Ludwigsburg. We welcome 90 artists from 8 different nations on 4 days to present 15 productions to our international and local audience and hope to establish FURORE Festival in Germany.

Furore Numbers

8 Nations
East to West & North to South
4 Days
sunny and euphoric
90 Artists
young and European
15 Productions
international and exciting