The Academy of Performing Arts Baden-Wuerttemberg (ADK) in Ludwigsburg/Germany, is a young educational institution for theatre professions that was founded in 2007 in Ludwigsburg and that offers practical oriented studies in acting (Bachelor degree), directing (Bachelor degree) and dramaturgy (Master degree), stage and costume design as well as
film acting workshops.

For the ADK, a modern education in the field of performing arts is to encourage the students’ artistic identity, authorship, and individual responsibility. Additionally, the students are familiarized with criteria that help them review and evaluate their own work. The students are also held to constantly review new theatre forms, create bonds and conceive interdisciplinary and crossborder ideas.

For the ADK, a modern and contemporary training concept means two things:
On the one hand, students are provided with all means, methods and techniques they need to perform for different forms of staging, be it classical ones or new ones involving modern aesthetics and acting styles. The students also need to live up to the specific requirements of actors in broadcasting, film and television and the new media. This is the so-called technical part of the training. On the other hand, great emphasis is placed on personality development. The students are familiarized with the criteria that help them review and evaluate their work and that enable them to decide what is good and bad for them, always with regard to their individual skills and talents. True to the ancient yet not outdated aspiration for enlightenment, the students have to be led to self-determination and to developing their personality.


Of course, they must be prepared to survive on the so-called market, but still, they should not feel obliged to fulfill every kind of absurd demand of the market. The guiding concepts we highlight are quality of work and self-assertion.

The development of one`s individual personality does not conflict with developing team spirit. The growing of collectives, teams and bonds constitutes the foundation of every project in the field of performing arts and reflects the academy’s philosophy.

Another essential part of the training is the theoretical instruction which provides the students with the means they need to position themselves and their work within the changing cultural and social contexts.

Finally, the ADK aims at conveying a mindset that puts graduates in a position in which they can maintain their artistic integrity when facing the requirements of professional life. The conception that performing arts have a utopian and political dimension, that they transcend the reality as we experience it right here and now, and that performing arts can unsettle the power of the factual, must always be present throughout the training.

The guarantee for creation of outstanding criteria in interactive drama AND film studies is the close cooperation with the Filmacademy Baden-Wuerttemberg and the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design.

The ADK shares the same campus with the Filmacademy and this geographical location reflects the common philosophy behind the educational concepts of both institutions in the field of theatre, broadcasting, film and television as well as new media. Therefore, the ADK offers film trainings throughout the entire course of study.

The students of stage and costume design at the StuttgartState Academy of Art and Design receive part of their training at the ADK and can particularly benefit from its spatial infrastructure: a fully equipped professional theatre including the respective spaces for auditions and workshops.