19.− 22.7.2018


Open Call

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For three long summer days and nights, Ludwigsburg will be the pulsing heart of tomorrow’s theatre world. 2018 marks both the 300th anniversary of the town of Ludwigsburg, and the 10th anniversary of the Academy of Performing Arts. On the occasion of this double celebration, we invite young artists and collectives from Baden-Württemberg, Europe and further afield to Ludwigsburg! Apply until 15 March 2018 to join us at FURORE 2018!  (Call for Entries)

We do not believe in straight answers. We do not want to resolve contradictions. We cannot pretend to not be liminal. We will colour in the gaps between us with felt-tips. We will encounter anOther, eachOther. We will throw a party for all the differences. Long live disagreement! Long live polyphony! We are no we. We don’t belong to this. That is why we’re exactly right here.



(Johann Diel, Daniel Fleischmann, Annika Henrich, Marielle Layher, Fabian Schmidtlein)

FURORE Festival-Team
Akademie Für Darstellende Kunst
Baden-Württemberg GmbH
Akademiehof 1
71638 Ludwigsburg


The Festival is held by the Academy of Performing Arts and their students, in cooperation with the Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg and the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart and the support of Schauspiel Stuttgart.